Wednesday, February 25, 2009

what would the world be like without writers?

When someone walks out of a movie theatre, they will most likely applaud the actor's performance, an innovative digital technique, or a beautiful set. These are, undoubtedly, wonderful aspects of a film that empower its message and purpose. Rarely, however, do you hear someone comment on the actual screenplay. When was the last time you said to your friend, "wow, that is a solid screenplay. So well-written. The words were loaded with so much meaning, I'll have to watch it again."

The actual writing of the film is one of the most under-rated aspects of cinematic art. What do people get most excited about when they watch the Oscars? Three things: best actor in a leading role, best actress in a leading role, and best picture.

There are definitely those that study the script when they watch films. Those are probably the same people that get goosebumps when the best screenplay winner is announced. Those people are probably writers, or people that have a deep interest in the literary field.

Let's stop and think for a moment here. What would the world be like without writers? No advertisements, no television, no films, no news, no books, no magazines, no instruction manuals, no menus...

Words are everywhere. On your cereal boxes, your aspirin bottles, your morning paper, your greeting cards. Someone had to get those words on there. The world needs writers for several reasons--to educate, inspire, and entertain.

So, this is my little tribute to all writers. Whether you're an advertising copywriter, a reporter, a magazine editor, a screenwriter, an SEO copywriter, or a novelist, you have an opportunity to communicate important ideas and messages to your audiences. The world needs you and your words. Happy writing!


Issue Zero Magazine said...

Too true. Where would we all be without our communication?
Words can be anything.
Good dialogue isn't easy to write and only few get away with claiming they can write it by the grace of decent acting. In that I say kudos writers of the world. Your collective works have raised us all to grand heights.
Especially one writer, in particular, to which this author applauds to the dusk of time,
Lorna London.

Gina Makkar said...

Well said! Writers make writing appear effortless, so they often slide behind the spotlight.