Thursday, September 30, 2010

the future of print

Social media and networking have transformed the way we read, write, and share information. Because of the new way we see information, professionals that work in print have voiced their concerns over these changes.

"Is print dead?"

"What can I do to keep up with the times?"

Almost every print newspaper and magazine Tweets, posting links to articles to generate more traffic to their sites. And if they have followers on Twitter, you can bet that people "like" them on Facebook.

It seems as though the print publications that have embraced social media marketing are the ones that are doing well, transmitting information across all kinds of platforms and mediums.

An editor recently forwarded me this link, discussing the power of print magazines, with several magazine and readership facts. One that I found particularly interesting is, "Since Facebook was founded, magazines gained more than one million young adult readers" and that the readership in the 18-34 age range continues to grow. (Source MRI)