Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Canadian Writers Speak Out

In a YouTube video that launched today, one of my favourite Canadian authors, Nino Ricci, along with other esteemed writers speak out on copyright. With the proposition of Bill C-32, many writers fear that there are too many holes in the copyright legislation to protect their intellectual property.

Alan Cumyn, Chair of The Writers' Union of Canada, is also featured in the YouTube video. "The new legislation, which is supposed to protect our work, has so many holes in it we'll be in court for years trying to figure out what it all means."

In an effort to spread awareness over c-32, the Canadian authors in the video are sending the message to the general public. "Anybody who cares about the culture and history of this country ought to be concerned that professional writing and publishing are under such serious threat."

And for writers, C-32 poses yet another challenge in fair treatment of their property...including proper payment.

"Strong copyright protections are fundamental to a writer's ability to make a living," Nino Ricci says.

To watch the "Canadian Writers Speak Out On Copyright" video, click here.