Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wednesday Writing Prompts

Need a little push to fill a blank page? Try some of these writing prompts and see where you end up.

1.     He had it coming…and that’s what I’ll tell anyone who asks.

2.     I woke up with the worst hangover of my life and next to me, was a hand-drawn map with no street names, but symbols, leading to a square with the word “body” written inside.

3.     In a quiet ski village, Marcus sat in his chalet, staring at the flames in his fireplace, and wondering if Rita really did just run out to buy cigarettes.

4.     I remember Bonnie as a troubled middle-aged woman who almost single-handedly jeopardized my family’s company. So when I saw her almost a decade later, sitting at a sidewalk cafĂ©, frowning at her novel, I wanted to turn away and keep pushing her away from my memory. But she looked up and saw me.

5.     “You should just follow him one night,” Barb said. Barb always sounded like a relationship column. It didn’t occur to her that she had been married five times and no one wanted to take her advice.