Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Emmy Recap

I LOVED the Emmys this year. One of the best parts were the segments that proposed questions to writers, creators, producers, and directors of the series such as "What's the worst note you ever received from a network"? No drainage of material there.

As a huge fan of Modern Family, I was ecstatic that they won top comedy and best writing. My spec script is worth so much more now...or is it?

Here's a category I will never understand: Outstanding Reality Program. You can almost hear the writers mutter under their breaths when THAT award is announced. As if it isn't difficult enough to create/sell/get staffed on a scripted series...

Other memorable moments/discoveries:
- Pretty sure Julie Osmond is insane
- Lauren Graham and Matthew Perry should never present an award together again
- Eric Stonestreet is just as lovely as "Cameron"
- Lea Michele's cupcake candle
- You can never get enough of Betty White
- Jimmy Fallon as Billy Joel

My vote for next year's host: the Glee-ful Jane Lynch.

Also, WHERE was Christopher Lloyd?!