Monday, December 29, 2008

A movie review, the best I can do amidst pre-holiday craziness

It's been about a month. Wow.

Holiday planning, visiting, shopping, wrapping, visiting, visting, and visiting consumed my life more than I anticipated.

I had so many to-do lists that got buried at the bottom of other lists (ahem, bills). Those to-do lists always had "writing" at the top, usually written in a larger size than the other items.
Anyway, I did watch a great film I was asked to review for another site that I'd like to discuss. It's called Racing Daylight and it's fantastic. The switch in narrative structure and voice was rich, and I fell in love with all the characters, especially Sadie, who has one of the best opening lines in a movie. Ever.

"I always knew I would end up insane." Short and profound statement. Intrigued me from the beginning. I knew this would be a good movie.

This is pure storytelling, and what's interesting about the movie is that the story is told from three different perspectives, each perspective taking on varying camera angles, so that each angle signifies that character's unique voice.

The DVD was just released last week--it's definitely worth checking out.